Christmas ornaments

A collection of traditionally manufactured Christmas ornaments, mouth blown glass and hand decorated. Inspired by victorian Christmas ornaments from days gone by.

Our collection of handmade Christmas ornaments has been carefully selected. Made by small family businesses in the heart of Europe and inspired by models of yesteryear. Traditionally made real glass baubles, hand painted and decorated. There is a choice of hundreds of models that are made in small series and there is something for everyone. Of course all kinds of animals: wild animals, forest animals, birds on clip, fish, insects or amphibians. Of course also the traditional models for a classic Christmas tree or models that are made in the traditional way but with a wink to the times of today. Whether you are looking for Christmas ornaments in one color, or just want a very colorful Christmas tree, you will certainly find the Christmas ornament or bauble that suits you in this collection. Our collection of Christmas ornaments is not only great to receive but also to give as a gift. The most beautiful and personal Christmas present for in the bag of Sinterklaas or for under the Christmas tree. Christmas ornaments that make memories and Christmas ornaments that will remain so.